Sunday – 1st July 2012

Words by our Priest-in-Charge:  

Priest-in Charge

A True Color

“Sometimes even friends destroy each other, but there is a Friend who loves more faithfully than a brother.” 
(Proverbs 18:24)

In times of adversity, desperation or lack, we often display our true colours. I recently watched a romantic comedy on TV which has this story to tell. A man and a woman from 2 different continents were searching for the true love in their lives. They applied a little test at different times in order to find out whether they have found their true love. The test is to find out when there is a fire in the house, what would they or the love of their lives first think of bringing out. The man lost the girl he loved, when he took “something” else out of the house, instead of taking his girlfriend out from the house. The girl did a test on the man whom she was to marry by purposely triggering the fire alarm in the building. Her fiancé was gathering his important documents and laptop, most concerned for “things” in his life, than the love of his life. I am sure you could guess what happened next. The girl called off the wedding, of course.

 I am not suggesting that we should do a similar test on all couples who are to be married!

 When our circumstance becomes critical or when we are faced with threats or pressures in life, what we really hold dear in our hearts would surface. In our human relationships, it would test the strength of that relationship. Friends, would show their true colours in such circumstances. A true friend is one who will “love at all times”, stick more closely than a brother or sister. When time is good, whether in a nation or community, it is easy for everyone to be kind and generous with anyone. When times are bad, it takes genuine care, sacrificial love, to show kindness to another.

 Likewise in our relationship with God. It is easy to praise God and love Him when times are good or manageable. When times are rough and life circumstance is challenging, stick close to God. Cling on to Jesus. That is the best expression of our love for the Lord. Do not give up on Him not only because He is our only hope, but because it tests the strength of our relationship with God, our devotion – it shows our “True colour”.