Week 10 – 17 March 2013

Power And Authority For Ministry (Luke 9:1-17)


Power(dunamis) is strength.

Authority (exousia)is the right to use that power.

1. Power and authority are from God.

  • Luke 9:1-2
  • Jesus sends His disciples out to represent Him, to preach His word and do His works with His power and authority.

2. So that we are more than overcomers.

  • The works of the disciples demonstrate God’s power and authority, strong and fruitful, the multitudes pay attention to their Lord.
  • Luke 9:7
  • Mat 16:13-19
  • Mat 28:18-20
  • God’s power and authority still follow after us as we preach the Gospel today, enhancing us more than enough to overcome God’s enemy.

3. So that we are blessed.

  • God always receives those who seek Him.(Luke 9:11)
  • If we are able to recognize the all sufficient God, we would be able to source from Him and pass on His supplies to others.(Luke 9:13)

As long as we are willing to offer into God’s hand, though the gift is small,

God will multiply it to be a blessing of many. (Luke 9:16-17)