Week 26 (1 July 2012)

Discipleship Transforming Society

      1.The distinction of the Kingdom of God

  • When Jesus usher in the Kingdom of God on earth, we can expect change to come to affect human lives and society
  • Matthew 5: 13-14
  • Like salt and light, the disciples are to transform society

       2. Salt and Light

  •  For the preservation of the intrinsic value and quality of God’s creation; protection against decay and erosion and the ultimate destruction of what God has created and called good
  • To transform waste into usefulness
  • Salt will be used: either for the value of preservation, protection and transformation or be trampled upon under foot

       3.  Light of the world

  • Dispel darkness
  • Exposes lies, reveals truth
  • Points to the right pathway
  • Must not be hidden but placed in prominent position that all might see
  • We do not have any inherent light in us, but we are to reflect the glorious transforming work of God in Christ Jesus


      1.  神国度的分别

  •  当耶稣把神的国度引进世上时,我们可以预料这些改变会影响人类的生活和社会
  • 马太福音5: 13-14
  • 就像盐和光,门徒就是要转化社会

2.  世上的盐

  • 为了保存神的创造物的原有价值和品质;保护神所创造的并称为好的,不受腐烂和侵蚀或最终的毁坏。
  • 把废弃的转化成有用的
  • 盐的作用:若非为了保存,保护和改变,就是被人践踏了

3.  世上的光

  •  除去黑暗
  • 揭开谎言,显明真理
  • 指引正确的道路
  • 不能够被隐藏,必须置放在明显人人可见的地方
  • 我们里头没有天生的亮光,我们乃是在耶稣基督里反映出神光荣的转化作为