Week 30 – 27th July 2014

To know Him is to love Him

  1. Man seeks knowledge

  • Knowledge is power
  • Gen 3:5-6
  • Knowledge without wisdom does not lead to life
  1. Proverbs 1:20-2:7

  • Wisdom personified – God is wisdom Himself!
  • Knowledge is more than just information
  • Knowledge is about perception and skill
  • Knowledge is about discernment and understanding, never quite apart from wisdom
  1. Isaiah 11:2

  • True Knowledge comes from the fear of God, an impartation of wisdom from God
  • Wisdom opens our lives to the knowledge of God
  • To know God will inevitably draws us to love Him
  • To love Him will keep us in the Fear of God
  • The Fear of God direct our paths in life, so that we live in the center of His perfect will, avail His protection and have our petitions heard