Week 36 (9 September 2012)

Prepare The Way

Luke 1:1-25

We are called as forerunners before the Lord, and prepare the way for the Lord, since we live between the two comings of Jesus.

1.  God calls us to prepare the way of His Son at conception – Luke 1:15

  • Value and treasure that little life in the womb, for joy and delight come from that little life.
  • Value and treasure the priestly line of the family, for God promises He will bless those who love Him to a thousand generation.
  • God will see to the future success of the child just as he will not be ashamed of doing God’s will.

2.  God’s Word of calling is sovereign. Intemperate tongue denounces God’s sovereignty – Luke 1:19-20

  • God’s Word once spoken will not return to Him void.
  • Using the Word of God for heart preparation first will see the things of God coming to pass.
  • Beholding the severity and mercy of God will not lose the tongue of praise, and thus will not lose the destiny as a forerunner for the Lord (Luke 1:76)

3.  The urgency of preparation

  •  Not much time left (Luke 3:17)
  • People are forceful  (Matthew 11:12)





1.     神在我们受造之时就呼召我们要预备他爱子的道路。(1:15)

  • 要看重并珍惜在母腹里的小生命,因欢喜快乐必从这小生命而来。
  • 要看重并珍惜成为世袭相传祭司的后人,因神应许必向爱他的祝福直到千代。
  • 神必看顾孩子直达成功就如他必不以行神的旨意为耻。

2.  神呼召的圣言是至高的,轻忽的口舌有拒绝神崇高主权之意。(路1:19-20)

  • 神所说的话决不徒然返回。
  • 先把神的话存在心里反复思想,就必得见所论之事成了。
  • 注目於神的严厉与怜悯,就不失嘴唇的赞美,也因此不会失去成为主先锋的命定。(路1:76)

3.   预备主道不容怠慢

  • 时日无多。(路 3:17)
  • 人们努力进入。(太 11:12)