Week 31 (5 August 2012)

In the Right Place with God

1.  Manner and purpose of being holy – defining holy living

  • Numbers 15:37-41
  • Manner of consecration – walk within the boundaries of God’s holiness, His commandments and words
  • Purpose of consecration – so that we will not be misled by the desire of our flesh and deceived
  • Aim of consecration – do it because we love God, do it for Him, to please Him and not to please men (Ananias and Sapphira – Acts 5:1-4)


2.  Holiness, witness and ministry

  • When the children of God lives out a holy life, it reflects the character of the Father
  • When the children of God shows their love for God, it demonstrates the loving Father and child relationship
  • Effective ministry flows out from powerful witness, and powerful witness flows out from holy living


3.  Holiness and anointing

  • Matthew 9:20-22
  • Holiness and anointing is inseparable – Jesus’ anointing for healing is connected with holy living
  • Anointing for ministry is God’s personal empowering to the minister, every minister ministers to the person as Jesus would (Mark 5:30)




1.  成为圣洁的方式和目的 – 圣洁生活的定义

  • 民数记15:37-41
  • 被分别为圣的方式 – 行在神的圣洁、诫命和话语的范围中
  • 被分别为圣的目的 – 好让我们不被自己的血气误导和蒙骗
  • 被分别为圣的目标 – 这么做因为我们爱神,为了他而做,要讨他的喜悦而不是讨人的喜悦(亚拿尼亚和撒非喇 – 徒5:1-4)

2.  圣洁,见证和事工

  • 当神的儿女活出一个圣洁的生命,这反映出天父的品格
  • 当神的儿女表达他们对神的爱,这显示出父子爱的关系
  • 有效的事奉自然而然由有力的见证流露出来,而有力的见证乃是由圣洁的生命流露出来
3.  圣洁和恩膏
  • 马太福音9:20-22
  • 圣洁和恩膏是分不开的 – 耶稣的医治恩膏与圣洁的生命息息相关
  • 事奉上的恩膏乃是神本身授权于事奉人员,而每个事奉人员却以耶稣的样式服侍人
  • 马可福音5:30


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