Week 27 (8 July 2012)

Sanctify Yourself!

1.  God is faithful to His Covenant

  • That means He is very serious about what He says and what He has promised
  • Joshua 3
  • The Ark of the Covenant is His promised manifested presence among His people
  • The key to having His Covenantal blessings and to activate the Covenantal promises in our life is in a consecrated life – He is holy and therefore we must approach Him in great reverence (Joshua 3:5)

2.   A Consecrated Life

  •  To live a consecrated life is to hold sacred what God considers as sacred
  • Joshua 7
  • That which God has set apart for His purpose is sacred (Genesis 2:16-17; Joshua 6:24; Joshua 7:13; Leviticus 27:30)

3.  What if we have crossed the line?

  • Consecrate yourself!
  • Repent and take steps to turn away from our transgressions
  • The fact that we take great effort of be right with God shows that we are serious about living a life which pleases and honours Him