Sermon: Good Steward of God’s Gifts – THE FAITH

‘The Faith’  is the good news of God deposited in our lives through faithful men and women. We are entrusted with this and called to entrust others with it

What does it mean to be entrusted with the good news?


  1. We are called to guard it (2 Tim1:11-14)

  • We need the Holy Spirit dwelling in us
  1. We are called to suffer hardship for it (2 Tim2:3)

  • The aim is endurance through obedience, discipline and hardwork.
  • The reward is reigning with Christ
  1. We are called to abide in it  (2Tim3:12-14)

  • To model it to others
  1. We are called to proclaim it (2Tim 4:1-2)

  • We need to be confident in the gospel
  • Practice lifestyle evangelism