Sermon: Rejection? Me?

  1. Rejection hurts

  • Because it does not acknowledge the value of the person
  • It touches more than the actions, behavior, ideas or accomplishment of a person
  • It conveys a lie that the person is not worthy to be loved
  1. Because it hurts, a rejected person may…

  • React or retaliate
  • Reject
  • Retreat
  1. God’s response

  • John 1:10-11
  • From “This is My son whom I am well pleased” to “My God, My God why have You forsaken Me?” – Rejection is rooted in sin
  • Overcoming rejection with love
  1. Our response

  • As demonstrated by Jesus, it all begins with forgiveness
  • Forgive those who reject us opens our lives to the unfailing love of the Father God