Sunday – 13th October 2013

Words by our Priest-in-Charge:

Priest-in Charge

The Lord is here

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all”Psalm 34:19

We do not have full knowledge of all that is going on in our lives. Only God does. Therefore, for us to experience breakthroughs, we need to come to that place where we rest in the confidence that God is at work in favour of His faithfuls. I find the following thoughts helpful in understanding how we could enter into that supernatural breakthrough.

“The longer I deliberate whether to obey God or delay, holding to my own way and reasoning, the more labored the process, both for me and all those who cannot move until I do!

Hesitation has a domino effect—an inevitable succession of related events, each caused by the one before it. My decisions effect people I may never meet.

In your decision making, guard your heart. Don’t mingle ungodly counsel from others with your own fearful meditation on worse case scenarios. The result of that one-two punch is a struggle, possibly a bitter outcome. Don’t dig yourself into that hole.

Instead, refuse unbelief. The way to do that is to take authority over thoughts of unbelief—any reasoning, counsel, or fear associated with delay in obeying the Lord.

Remember, whatever situation you face, God is already there! Draw His supernatural help from the Word. Read it aloud until His words dominate your thoughts, meditation, reasoning and decision-making. The domino effect works both ways. Welcome back.”

Adopted from Shirley Weaver Ministries