Sunday – 17th August 2014

Called People

“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” I Peter 2:9

In every nation in the world, there is a system of governance and legal framework which reflects the core beliefs and values of that nation. That gives a distinctiveness to that nation. That core beliefs and values extends to every sphere of life of the citizens who dwell in it. It will inevitably shape the future and destiny of the nation as well.

As God’s people, we are called to be a holy nation. This is not a primarily in a geographical-political sense, but we are called to reflect the values and core beliefs of God’s Kingdom. The Church has been entrusted with such a role among nations. We are to submit ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus in all matters not only of faith, but all matters in life. Be it relationships, moral values, governance, finance, work, education, worship and ministry. When God called us, He also trusted us. To be His representatives to bring His heart and love to the nations, to demonstrate through His rule in our lives, He seeks our highest welfare.

We are privileged people. Chosen to enjoy His love in an intimate manner, called to be channel of blessings. He wants to bless us to establish His covenant with us. He needs not, or His words alone are like promises which cannot be broken. But He wants and longs to bless us so that we can experience His love in a tangible way. I knew a little bit more of this Heart of our Heavenly Father when I became a father myself. I find myself always seeking ways and expression to bless our daughter, so to demonstrate my love for her.

God did not call us just to do a job, fulfil a function. He calls us to first and foremost into His love. He shows His love by trusting us – with the Kingdom of His son. Love ultimately involves trust. As we taste the faithfulness of God, we too express our love to Him in trusting Him for the future, in everything and in every circumstance.

We are called people, trusted people