Sunday – 20th January 2013

Words by our Priest-in-Charge:

Priest-in Charge

Draw near with confidence

‘And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out, ” Abba, Father!” Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son, and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.’ Galatians 4:6-7

In the Old Testament, we see very clearly that God is a holy God and those who draws near to Him do so in great reverence. Isaiah speaks of an experience of the presence of God so awesome that he thought he was surely going to perish (Isaiah 6). Certainly our God is a holy God who cannot but consume anything unholy in His presence. I often wonder therefore, how could we as imperfect as we are, could even draw near to God in worship and fellowship?

I was told at the recent celebration of the 60th year of reign of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, when Prince Charles was invited to give his address, he started by saying, “Your Majesty, mom…..” It drew some heartwarming chuckles among the audience. Yet, this is the truth. Her Majesty is both Queen and mom to Prince Charles. It is much the same with us in our relationship with God – He is both the Majestic God and Heavenly Father to us. No one in the Old Testament had that privilege of drawing near to God as both His people or subject and sons. When Jesus came, it became possible. For all those who believe in Jesus, He gives us the right to become God’s sons (John 1:12). When we know that we are sons of God and not slave or servant, we could then draw near to God in confidence and without any fear. I come to realize that only sons could come into the presence of the Father freely, without inhibition or any reservation. Yet, the truth that I am God’s son would take me a whole life to appreciate, and I am sure going to enjoy it.

I hope that every Christian would learn this truth in a personal way. It is a tremendous privilege for any person to be God’s son. It is a journey of a life time for us to internalize this truth and live out its reality. If sons, we are heirs of God, through Christ. Next time when you worship God or draw near to Him in prayers, you could say, “Almighty God,… Dad…..”





最近,有人告诉我当伊利沙伯二世在庆祝登基鑽禧紀念时,而查尔斯王子受邀致词,他第一句致敬的话乃是:“陛下,妈妈……”这引来了观众一阵温馨的笑声。然而,这就是真理。对查尔斯王子来说,陛下是女王也是他的母亲。这跟我们与神的关系也是一样 – 他是崇高的神也是我们的天父。旧约里没有人有这样的特权能够同时以神的子民和儿子的身份亲近神。当耶稣来了过后,这才变为可能。凡是相信耶稣的人,他赐他们权柄作神的儿女(约翰福音1:12)。当我们知道我们是神的儿女而不是奴仆时,我们才能够坦然无惧地亲近神。我理解到唯有儿女才能够自由地、毫无约束地进入天父的同在。但是,我身为神儿子的身份的真理可能需要我用一世的时间去珍惜,而我也非常肯定我会享受在其中。