Sunday – 29th July 2012

Words by Bishop John Yeo


We praise God for the Diocesan Golden Jubilee Celebration last Tuesday.  The anniversary celebration began with a symbolic ground breaking of a RM30m House of Celebration Project consisting of a 3000-seater sanctuary, a training school and a multi-storey car-park.  Both Fund raising and application for approval for the building plans are now in process.  Phase One of the project will commence when the applications are approved.  This is a Diocesan faith project with the next generation and leaders in mind as we step into the next 50 years and beyond.

The celebration was followed by the Jubilee Thanksgiving Service at All Saints’ Cathedral. We praise God that more than 2000 people packed the Cathedral to give thanks for God’s faithfulness and love for His people.  The service began with the blowing of shofars (trumpet) followed by exuberant praise and worship.  The Cathedral Choir and Children Choir also added to the jubilation. Bishop Vun encouraged the whole Diocese to continue moving in the power of the Holy Spirit, preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and possess the Favor of the Lord as Jubilee people entering a new beginning.  Among the Heads of Churches and dignitaries present were The Most Revd Datuk Bolly Lapok (Archbishop of the Province of South East Asia) and The Most Revd Paul Kwong (Archbishop of the Province of Hong Kong), Diocesan Bishops of the South East Asia Province, representatives of missionary agencies and Senior Pastors and leaders of local churches in Kota Kinabalu. A contingent of over 700 leaders and members from the interior churches of Sabah were also present.

The anniversary celebration ended with a Jubilee Thanksgiving Dinner at Magellan Sutera Grand Ballroom. Again the evening was filled with 1220 members and guests throughout the Diocese and overseas.  Those present also witnessed the launching of The Diocese of Sabah 1962-2012 History Book which captures the humble beginnings of Diocese of Sabah to where it is today. Another highlight of the night was the cheque presentation of “seed offering” towards the House of Celebration.  The offerings together with the offering taken at the Jubilee Thanksgiving Service amount to RM910,213.15.  The night was further graced with celebration and thanksgiving with dances and songs presented by all three archdeaconries including a special finale by the clergy.  It was truly a night of great joy and thanksgiving.

We give the highest praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for His promise and faithfulness that “(He) will build His church and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18b).  We also thank all His faithful people who have served sacrificially to the glory of God.  Let us all move in zeal and faith into the next 50 years and beyond!



紧接下来就是在诸圣座堂进行的金禧感恩崇拜。感谢神!因为有超过两千人坐满了座堂并为着神对祂子民的爱及信实献上感恩。崇拜以吹号角为开始,紧接下来就是活跃的赞美敬拜。座堂诗班及儿童诗班也为此庆典增添了更多色彩。温会督鼓励整个教区继续以圣灵的能力前进、传扬耶稣基督的福音及身为禧年的子民拥有主的喜悦进入一个新的开始。出席此庆典的教会领袖及贵宾计有:拿督Bolly Lapok大主教 (东南亚教省大主教)、邝保罗大主教 (香港教省大主教)、东南亚教省各教区的会督、宣教机构的代表及亚庇各教会的主任牧师及领袖。超过七百位来自沙巴内陆地区教会的领袖及会友出席此庆典。


我们因主耶稣基督的信实及应许向祂献上至高的赞美,因“ (祂)要建立祂的教会,阴间的权柄,不能胜过他。”(马太福音16:18)。我们也感谢所有为荣耀神而牺牲性地事奉的忠心子民。