Sunday – 5 August 2012

Bishop Albert Vun       Bishop Pastoral Letter

On the eve of our Jubilee Celebration, Joshua Kong served an interim injunction to stop me from performing any management duties and to make any financial transaction.   The service of the injunction was published in the newspaper on the day when we celebrated the 50thanniversary of our Diocese. Despite the negative publicity, I am glad that the celebration was not dampened in any way.

I know many have been very concerned to have our church matters now disputed in the public arena. In our defence, I have Mr. Ronny Cham, Datuk Stephen Foo (Diocesan Chancellor) and Rev. Kenneth Thien to advise and act on my behalf.   Mr. Ronny Cham represented us in the hearing on the 3rd August to set the injunction aside.  I have submitted to the court my sworn affidavit based on truth. The judge heard lawyers from both side in his chamber.  Mr. Ronny Cham had on our behalf, raised 2 very pertinent legal points. Lawyer from the other side requested for an adjournment in order for them to file written submission. The judge wanted to hear arguments from both sides before making his judgment.   In the meantime, the judge made an order to the effect that the injunction be of no more effect until he has made his final decision on our applications on 21 September 2012. With this latest development, we no longer come under the restriction of the injunction served on us. We pray and hope, the judge will decide in our favor to strike out the injunction and the suit.

Meanwhile, I ask all our members to continue to pray for our Diocese and to continue to work hard to build up the church.  Whatever complaints and allegations levied against me need to be addressed by the House of Bishops in a proper and orderly manner.  We will let the due process takes its course.  But we must not allow this to take over the overall agenda of our mission.  Our vision is to build strong local churches within Sabah and beyond that are passionate in worship, powerful in preaching and prepared for effective mission and evangelism.  Our Diocese continues to grow because more and more of us are taking our vision statement seriously.  Our total annual baptism is over 2500 every year, higher than ever before. New churches and congregations are planted.  We want to see this momentum increased.  Let us not be discouraged but to major on the major, not to major on the minor.  Let us continue to pray with great persistence for the Lord to intervene and carry us through. Let us trust that His Will, will prevail and His Name will receive all the glory.


在我们的禧年庆典前夕,Joshua Kong送抵法庭临时禁令,阻止我执行任何的管理职务及进行任何财务执行。在我们50周年庆日的那一天, 本地几家报章报道送抵法庭临时禁令的新闻。在这些负面的宣传当中,我很高兴我们50周年的庆典能够在毫无影响之下继续进行。

现在我们教会的事件要在大庭广众之下去维护,我知道很多人深表关切。我的代表律师有Ronny Cham律师、拿督Stephen Foo (教区顾问律师) 及Kenneth Thien牧师。Ronny Cham律师代表我们于8月3日听证会上,提出解除禁令。我也向法庭呈上我根据真理所立的宣誓书。法官在法院内聆听双方律师的观点,Ronny Cham律师代表我们提出2项非常中肯的法律观点。对方的律师要求休会,以便他们提出书面陈词。法官要听取双方的论点,然后才作出他的判决。在此期间,法官下了令,该临时禁令不再生效,直到他对我们的申请在9月21日作出最后的判决。随着这项最新的发展,我们不再受到该禁令的限制。我们祈祷和希望,法官将作出对我们有利的判决,解除诉讼。


我们教区将持续增长,因为我们当中越来越多人认真正视我们的异象宣言 。我们每年的总洗礼人数都超过2500人,比以往都高。新的圣堂和教会被建造和设立。我们希望看到这种动力继续不断。让我们不要丧志,但要专注在主要的事上,而不把主要的变成次要。让我们继续持久祈祷以致神干预并带领我们度过难关。让我们相信祂的旨意将要成就,以及祂的名字将得到一切的荣耀。

Message from the Bishop,
The Right Rev Datuk Albert Vun