Week 10 – 9th March 2014

For me to live is Christ

  1. How a disciple of Jesus lives?
    • Philippians 1: 21
    • A disciple of Jesus lives for the glory of God so that all that is of God might be magnified through his life
  2. A disciple of Jesus lives to fulfil God’s call on His life
    • 2 Thessalonians 1:11
    • Living life that brings pleasure to God’s heart; to enjoy Him
  3. A disciple of Jesus lives for others
    • Philippians 1:24-25
    • To help others to draw near to God and experience His goodness; to progress in their journey of faith
  4. A disciple lives for the next generation
    • Deuteronomy 6:17-23
    • Live a legacy of blessings for the next generation; we cannot impart what we do not possess
    • To progress in our journey of faith is not an option;  succession, just like discipleship has to be intentional