Week 16 – 9 June 2013

Why worry?

 1. Anxiety, is it real or just in the mind?

  • Luke 12:22-34
  • Jesus’ teaches about Kingdom attitude towards wealth – anything over and above what we need as basic provisions has been entrusted to us and will be called for accountability

2. Why do we worry?

  • Insecure about provision
  • Absence of the reality of a Provider Father
  • Lack of the fear of God – self sufficient
  • Inability to trust

3. Why we should not worry…

  • It drives us into anxiety
  • It blurs godly boundaries
  • It distorts priority
  • It blinds us to what life is really about

4. How can we stop worrying?

  • Come to the Father through Jesus and seek His perspective about what life is really about
  • Seek God’s Kingdom and righteousness
  • Trust the loving God and Father whom Jesus has revealed to us is the antidote of worrying
  • Build Trust on Truth
  • Rejecting lies which destroys Trust
  • Trust requires action