Week 19 – 30 June 2013

Authentic Disciples Luke 14:25-35

A. Salvation is free yet it is costly

B. Cost of following Jesus Christ

  1. Hate our family (v. 26a)
    • Love less rather than hostility
    • Priority of commitment
    • Dependence on Jesus rather than family
  2. Hate our own life and carry our own cross (v. 26b & 27)
    • Hate our own life vs. hate ourselves
    • Carrying our own cross
      • To bear or accept suffering
      • To die to self
  3. Give up all our possessions (v. 33)
    • God or mammon
    • Lord of our possessions

C. Illustrations for considering the cost of following and not following Jesus

  1. Build a tower (v. 28-30)
    • Purpose as authentic disciples is to be witnesses
  2. Go to war against another king (v. 31-32)
    • Authentic disciples pursue peace with the King of kings
  3. Salt (v. 34-35)
    • Authentic disciples’ lives are distinctively Christ-like

D. Putting Jesus above everything:

  1. Your family and relationships
  2. Your own life
  3. Your possessions

E. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!