Week 20 – 18th May 2014

Empowering the Spirit

  1. The Spirit and the Flesh

  • Galatians 5:16-25
  • The Flesh is at enmity with the Spirit


  1. We need the Holy Spirit to connect us to God

  • Romans 8:26-27
  • Praying with the spiritual language enables us to live above the flesh and connect us with God in the spirit
  • But we need to first and foremost – start praying ourselves!


  1. Fasting prayer

  • Fasting is a practical way of denying the flesh thus effectively crucifies it on the Cross of Jesus
  • Mark 9:29 – Prayer with a fast consecrated to the Lord unleashes God’s supernatural power into our circumstances


  1. Practical approach to fasting

 Air > Water > Sleep > Food

  • Preparation for one day fast
    Need one day to prepare – abstain from oily food, alcohol, tea and coffee, chillies, spicy food, processed food and meat. Eats fruits, vegetables, porridge or cereal, milk, fruit and vegetable juices

    You can keep to a purely water fast, or juice fast throughout the day.

    Do not break fast rapidly, take one day to reintroduce solid food into your diet. Reverse the order of the preparation day.

    On the second day after the fast, take minimal oily food in moderate portions.

  • Preparation for fast upto 3 days

    Take 3 days to prepare:
    Day 1- repeat the preparation process for 1 day fast
    Day 2- Eat only vegetables and fruits, drink only water and juices (without added sugar)
    Day 3 – Take only fruits and fruit juices, leave off vegetables

    For breaking fast, reverse the order above


  1. Do not be alarmed!

  • Detoxification
  • Spiritual cleansing