Week 24 – 4 August 2013

Five bread two fish or the Bread of Life

The fourth sign: feeding five thousand(John 6:1-15)

1。 Jesus is able to know our needs and He is willing to provide.

  • V  5.
  • When man sees his lack and humbly acknowledge his inadequacy, the Lord will demonstrate His mighty richness.

2。Miracle-The Lord of turning lack into  abundance.

  • V 11-13.
  • Miracle happens when man submit to God’s Lordship.
  • If we are willing to give, though it is small, God is able to use it for many.

3.Jesus is the Bread of Life.


  • V 51.
  • Jesus the Son of God is the Bread of Life.
  • Jesus the Son of God, whose body was nailed and broken to redeem man’s sin.
  • Those who receive(believe) this Bread of Life, will have everlasting life.