Week 28– 8 September 2013

Me? Breaking free?

1. When was I in bondage?

  • Desiring to be free draws us to Jesus who would in turn set us free from bondages
  • Unless we realize that we are under the bondages of sin and darkness, we have no need of a saviour

2. Am I free? Is there anything I need to break free from?

  • Romans 7:7-8:1
  • The devil uses sin which rules in our flesh to hold us in bondages
  • Spiritual bondages – we cannot relate to God
  • Bondages in the soul – our thinking, emotional responses, attitudes, will, reactions
  • Bondages in the body – sickness, addiction

3. What can I do?

  • Come to the Ready, Willing and Able God
  • He is ready – Jesus has completed what is necessary for our freedom
  • He is willing – because He loves us with an everlasting love
  • He is able – He is the All- Powerful and Awesome God!