Week 29 (22 July 2012)

God’s Provision For Us

Text: Leviticus 25:8-12; Luke 4:17-19  路加福音4章17-19节,利未记25章8-12节,

Jubilee is God’s provision for his people. It is time for a reset, time for rest, time of restoration while the creator’s work still continues. God with his anointed worked for this people and works through his people.

To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. Jesus did not come to re-institute the principle of the year of Jubilee. He was the fulfillment of the promise spoken by Isaiah. Jesus is the Jubilee! He came to be the deliverer, the healer, the King of our hearts.

1.  God Works For Us (Jesus’ Work in Jubilee)

  • Luke 4:18
  • For Jubilee, God has provided his Son (Servant)
  • God’s Servant works for our deliverance
  • Declares a season of God’s favor
2. God Enabler Came To Work For Him (Holy Spirit Work Through Us)
  • Luke 4:18
  • Upon me
  • Anointed me

3.  God Works Through Us (Our Part As Children Of God)

  • Luke 4:18-19
  • Reach out to the poor
  • Reach out to the prisoner
  • Reach out to the blind
  • Reach out to the oppressed
  • And be God’s mouth piece





1.      神为我们的作为(耶稣在禧年的工作)
  • 路加福音4:18
  • 在禧年,神供应了他的儿子(仆人)
  • 神仆为我们的释放做工
  • 宣告神悦纳人的季节
2.      神的推动者来为他工作 (圣灵透过我们工作)
  • 路加福音4:18
  • 在我身上
  • 受膏
3.      神透过我们工作(我们身为神儿女的部分)
  • 路加福音4:18-19
  • 传福音给贫穷的人
  • 传福音给被掳的人
  • 传福音给瞎眼的人
  • 传福音给受压制的人
  • 成为神的发话筒