Week 32 (12 August 2012)

The Unshaken and the Unshakeable

1.  The Lord’s Shaking

  • Hebrews 12:25-29
  • His shaking comes because man has built on what is not of His will, not according to His words
  • His shaking comes so that what is ungodly could be removed
  • Whatever is not built according to God’s pattern and order, His will and purpose, will be potentially destructive

2.  Nature and Purpose of His Shaking

  • Shaking is always uncomfortable – 1 Thessalonian 3:3
  • Shaking of the object of our faith, object of our confidence
  • Test of relationships – godly or ungodly
  • Produces righteousness, repentance and maturity

3.  Only the unshakeable is unshaken

  • The unshakeable is one who fears the Lord, who take seriously every word that proceeds from the mouth of God
  • Psalm 112:1-6
  • The unshakeable is one who is not shaken when the storms of life comes, because he has built all that is in his life on Kingdom values and principles, for Kingdom purpose – Mark 4:36-40



1.   神的震动

  • 希伯来书12:25-29

  • 神带来震动因为人类没有按照神的旨意建造,也没有按照神的话语建造

  • 神带来震动好让不敬虔的被挪去

  • 凡是不按照神的样式和程序,旨意和目的建造的都有可能带来破坏

2.   神摇动的性质和目的

  • 摇动总是让人感到不舒服 – 帖撒罗尼迦前书3:3

  • 我们信仰的对象和信心的对象受到震动

  • 人际关系的考验 – 敬虔和不敬虔的

  • 带来公义、悔改和成熟

3.   唯有不能震动的不被震动

  • 不能震动的就是敬畏神的人,他也看中神口中所说的每一句话

  • 诗篇112:1-6

  • 不能震动的就是当一个人面对生命的风暴时也不会被震动,因为他已经为了神的国度把生命的一切都建造在神的价值和原则上 – 马可福音4:36-40