Week 33 (19 August 2012)


Kingdom Of Priests

1.  Who is a priest?

  • Exodus 28:41
  • “minister to Me as priest” is to mediate between God and man, God and His people
  • The purpose of ministering as priest is to be a facilitator for the works of God in the life of man to take place

2.  I shall be their God, they shall be My people

  • The ultimate objective of ministering as priest is to disciple, it is more than involving in the act of worship – Exodus 29:44-46
  • Discipleship is growing in the knowledge and worship of God and bringing people close to God and have intimate relationship with God

3.  Priesthood of all believers

  • 1 Peter 2:9-10
  • In order to be priest of the Lord, we must first be sanctified
  • The word of God sanctifies us, cleanses us from all impurities and sins, keeps us within the will of God – Ephesians 5:26-27
  • We cannot lead others to when we do not know the way, we cannot point others to the light if we have not found it
  • We are “priests” in our family, marketplace, church, community, schools and wherever God places in this world, proclaiming Christ and reflecting His glory




1.     谁是祭司?

  • 出埃及记2841

  • “好给我供祭司的职分”乃是在神与人之间,神与他子民之间做中保

  • 成为祭司来服侍的目的乃是成为一位促进员,让神在人的生命里成就神要做的工

2.     我要作他们的神,他们要作我的子民

  • 成为祭司来服侍的最终目的不单是参与敬拜,而是栽培门徒 – 出埃及记29:44-46

  • 门徒训练就是在对神的认识和敬拜上成长,并且带领人更加亲近神以及跟神有密切的关系

3.     所有信徒的圣职

  • 彼得前书2:9-10

  • 若要成为主的祭司,我们必须先得到洁净

  • 神的话语洁净我们,洗净我们一切的不洁和罪恶,让我们保持在神的旨意中 – 以弗所书5:26-27

  • 若不晓得道路,我们就无法带领其他人行走;若未找到亮光我们也无法指引其他人

  • 我们乃是在家中、职场上、教会、社区上、学校或其他被神置放的地方身为“祭司”,宣告基督并反映出他的荣光