Week 43 – 22 December 2013

Season for faith

1. Christmas should remind us that it is faith that enables us to see God’s hands

  • Isaiah 7:1-14

2. In times of trials, obtain God’s perspective

  • God’s perspective protects us from intimidation of the enemy

3. In seeing God’s perspective, choose faith

  • Faith starts with a choice – one that we can make

4. In faith, receive God’s salvation

  • Salvation and deliverance is in the Son!
  • God is the ultimate deliverer behind the salvation of man – from all circumstances

5. Take the steps of righteousness, leave the rest to God

  • Challenging circumstances may due to our own sins and fault – repent and believe that God has forgiven and remember no more
  • They may due to us doing what is right in the eyes of God – persevere and battle
  • Challenging circumstances must not be the sole factor to determine whether we are in God’s will – do the right things and leave the rest to the Lord, He will establish us!