Week 43 (30 October 2012)

儿子的身份被肯定A Son is affirmed(路加Luke 321-38


1.  父神亲自肯定耶稣的神子身份。
       God affirmed the identity of His Son Jesus.

路Luke 3:22

The Holy Spirit descends as a sign of God Himself, affirming Jesus is His beloved son.

God reveals His Son to the world, in addition with the power of the Holy Spirit to finish the work of God on earth.

God’s delightful affirmation to His Son, deeply pleased to acknowledge all that He did.


2.  耶稣的家谱肯定祂的人子身份。
        The genealogy of Jesus proved He is the Son  of man.

路Luke 3:23-38

To man, He was the Son of Joseph, in actual, He was the woman’s offspring.

The offspring of woman, Son of David, is the most  important character of God’s redemption plan. It is the main force against Satan.

Jesus became man and did what Adam did not do. Man becomes the glory of God,  reveals  God’s image.


3.  藉着神的话肯定我们成为神儿女的身份。
          God’s word affirms our identity as sons of God.

因信耶稣基督我们得了作神儿女的权柄。 (约 1:12-13)
Through believing in Jesus, we have the right to be sons of God. (John 1:12-13)

 圣灵与我们同证我们是神的儿女,因此我们能呼叫阿爸,父。  (罗 8:14-17)
The Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit, we can call God, Abba, Father. (Rom 8:14-17)

Being affirmed strengthen our faith, more determined will to run the race, courageously overcoming obstacles, reaching the goal is assured.