Week 45 – (11 November 2012)

一位救主被显示了A Saviour is Revealed(路Luke  4:14-30)


A Saviour is evidenced by His works and His teachings.

  • 耶稣的教训带有权柄,不像一般的文士,众人都称赞祂。
    Unlike the teachers of the Law, Jesus taught with authority and  the people praised Him.
  • 传神国的福音。18节
    Preach the good news of the kingdom of God.v18
  • 报告神悦纳人的禧年。19节
    Proclaim the favourable year of the Lord.v19
  • 耶稣让会众知道祂所传的道和所行的神迹就是弥赛亚的标志。
    Jesus made known to the multitudes that His teachings and
    miraculous works were the signs of the Messiah.


Men are judged by their response to Christ.

  • 耶稣显露人内心的意念。
    Jesus exposed the thought of the people.
  • 那些骄傲的,不肯悔改和不信的会跌倒受惩罚。
    The proud, the unrepented  and the unbelieved  would fall and
    be punished.
  • 那些谦卑的,为罪悔改和接受主耶稣的会兴起蒙福。
    The humble, the repented and those who received Jesus would rise up and be blessed.