Week 47 – 23rd November 2014

The God who is Peace

  1. Where is peace needed today?

  • As in the days of Gideon, where there is chaos and conflicts (Judges 6:1-24)
  • Where there is uncertainty
  • When it feels unsafe
  • When we don’t quite get what we want
  1. Receiving peace

  • Judges 6:11-24
  • When we are out of peace, we are outside of God’s perspective
  1. Peace is in a Person

  • Isaiah 9:6 “And His name will be called….. Prince of Peace”
  • It is when we encounter the God who is Peace that we have real peace even though it does not necessarily mean our circumstances are changed, it simply means that our position has changed
  • When we are at peace within, faith arises, God’s mighty working flows through us
  • God defines our destiny. We fulfil it when we encounter Him
  1. If only we know this our God…

  • Daniel 11:32-33a
  • Surely we shall do mighty exploits for Him