Week 7 – 16th February 2014

Warfare Prayer

  1. The reality of the spiritual realm

    • Daniel 9-10
    • Prayers connect us to the spiritual realm – all prayers are spiritual
  2. Warfare Prayers

    • Clear the sin issues, make sure that it is not God we are coming against
    • Plead for God’s mercy  for the uncovered or unknown sins
    • Pray from our Covenantal position
  3. The reality of spiritual warfare

    • Where there is war, there is a risk of casualty
    • When we are in a war, know that there is an enemy and he is Satan and his kingdom
    • Revelation 12:7-12
    • Fight standing on the Covenant of Christ
    • Life Testimonies to affirm God’s truth silent the devil
    • Fight with great valor
    • Warfare prayers matter! – Are you a fighter?