Week 7 – 17 February

What’s so powerful about forgiveness? (Luke 7:36-50)


1. What is forgiveness?

  • Mat 6:12
  • Forgiveness is one who is willing to let go his legal right to charge and punish the offender.
  • Luke 7:42
  • Forgiveness is grace.

2. The power of forgiveness.

  • Bind together ( Mat 6:14-15)
  • Forgiveness brings peace in our relationship with God, our own being and others.
  • Forgiveness brings in love (Luke 7:42-43, 47)
  • The more we experience God’s forgiveness, the more we can love God and express our love through our actions toward man.

3. Way to receive forgiveness.

  • Recognize, repent and believe (Luke 7:48-50)
  • We need to repent of our sinfulness, experience the sacrificial love through the cross, believing we are forgiven, and then we will be able to love and committed to Christ.