Weekly Message: God’s Word Abiding in Us: Word and Powe

God spoke and the universe came into being! He spoke forth and His Word cannot be recalled. God’s Word is effective (Isa. 55:10-12) and self-fulfilling, like the miracle birth of Christ (Lk. 1:37). In seeing His promises fulfilled, God “performs His Word” (Deut. 9:5).

There are important implications to note here: the Word carries the power of God, we can follow Jesus’ example and use the Word not just for preaching – but also for healing and delivering people from bondage by Satan. The four Gospels testifies to Jesus’ “PHD” ministry – Preaching, Healing and Deliverance. As Christians imitating Christ, we need to include this ministry into our individual capacities, as doctors, educators, crisis relief providers, and in our church ministries.

Today we see Christians from various backgrounds and denominations applying more fully, the power of God’s Word in their prayer-intercession and spiritual warfare ministries – which includes speaking the Word into (to quote Pope Francis) “the Least, the Little, and the Lost”, and even to the “Principalities and Powers” (political and spiritual).

In the midst of all these, it is also crucial that we nurture a biblical theological doctrinal mind-set. The Word is indeed powerful – and just like any powerful weapon or instrument, is rightly used to build – but if misappropriated can divide and destroy (Satan has many times misused God’s word, including perverting it to deceive Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden). Do we believe the Word of God is inherently powerful and will not return to Him void?

Adopted from NECF 40-days Fast and Prayer