[Day 17] Christ Must Increase

DAY 17
Christ Must Increase

There we saw the giants (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight."
Exodus 23:30

Jesus came to the world to demonstrate God’s Way for us, so that those who embrace His Way might walk in the path of life and righteousness. In fact, He is God’s Way personified. Before knowing Jesus, we have been living in the ways of the world, the flesh (our own wisdom) and the devil (listening to and believing in the lies of the devil). Even after we have embraced the Way of the Lord, it does not immediately replace the former ways in us. Our thought pattern, emotional responses, spiritual perception are still hugely in the flesh, carnal in nature.

The increase of the Way of the Spirit in us is a process. John the Baptist spoke of Jesus in this manner: “He must increase, but I must decrease.” As the Way of the Spirit grows in us, our carnal nature will also decrease. When the Way of the Lord increases in us,
we experience freedom, healing, restoration, power and victory in increasing measure. When our thinking, emotion, will and spirit becomes more aligned with God’s Way, we will see ourselves walking increasingly in the path that leads to life and our God-ordained destiny. There is no shortcut to spiritual maturity.

I believe in the world we are living in, there are only 2 ways of living: God’s Way, or any other way which is not in line with God’s Way.  Whether it be individual life or society or a nation, this principle applies. When the people of Israel were about to enter into the Promise Land, the Lord told them through Moses that He will drive out their enemies “little by little”. This was to allow God’s people to increase, until they are strong enough or sufficiently established to inherit the land.

As we desire to see God’s way increase in our lives, our society and our nation,
we must not let up and stop pressing in to possess the godly inheritance that God has promised us. Let us not slack in praying for our nation to enter into our destiny.

“Christ must increase!”

Pray for an awakening to come to the Church and our nation, that we might see God’s Way of true prosperity and success, and increasingly align to it.