Day 5 – He misses you

He misses you

“I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine. He feeds his flock among the lilies.”
Song of Songs 6:3

There is significant difference between a prayer meeting and a prayer altar. We present our requests to the Lord in a prayer meeting. But we ask from the Lord the revelation of His will on a prayer altar. A prayer meeting can be cancelled, but a prayer altar is a covenant time with the Lord, an appointment with the Lord, just like a “date” between lovers!

We have all we need in the Lord. He is the unfailing source of our life. The guarantee to our continued state of victorious and purposeful life is the Presence of God in our lives. A covenant time with the Lord gives opportunity to us to draw from the Presence of God His ever flowing fountain of Life. In the Presence of God He feeds us with His word and by His Spirit. But it is more than just a time of reading the Bible and praying. It is also a time to develop intimacy with God.

When we have a covenant time with the Lord, rest assured that He is very eager to show up at our appointment. So, when we fail to show up, or casually cancel the appointment, He will miss our presence. Not that He does not know where we are, but simply finding us absent from those covenant times will make Him miss us. The Lord honors covenants. More so covenant time with Him. When we honor our covenants with God, He is greatly pleased and will certainly pour out His presence upon us.

How can God “miss” us? He misses because He allows Himself to be vulnerable to us. It means He allows Himself to be “affected” by our absence from our covenant time with Him. A covenant time could be our daily personal altar of prayer and communion with God. It could also be our weekly corporate worship time. That’s what love does to us. When we love, we render ourselves emotionally vulnerable to our beloved. We long to be in the presence of our beloved. If our beloved misses our appointment, we would miss that time of sharing and communion greatly.

God longs to have fellowship with us. He longs to download His resources into our lives. The way He can do that is when we have covenant time with Him. Therefore, keep daily covenant time with Him. Honor weekly covenant time of worship. That is where we draw God’s strength and power.

Spend extended time in prayer today. Tell Him how much you love Him, thank Him for all that He has done for you, listen to what He wants to speak to you.