Day 8 – Heart Problem

Heart Problem

“for your hearts are too fat and your ears don’t listen and you have closed your eyes against understanding, for you don’t want to see and hear and understand and turn to me to heal you.”
Acts 28:27 (The Living Bible)

A heart patient has no control over his heart problem when the heart is covered by fat or blocked by fat. It is not a crime that a person has such a problem. The patient is never penalized because of his heart problem.

Just as a physical heart problem does not occur overnight, neither does the spiritual heart problem spring out of nowhere. Careless and reckless living often leads to health problem. Persistently refuse or reluctant to hear God’s voice and see God’s truth will eventually lead to the dullness of heart, finally in a state of destruction and damage.

During a recent Power Station (prayer meeting), the Lord showed me picture of a heart insulated with fat. As a result, the heart is incapable to feeling God’s love. That heart was cut off from the resources of God – His truth, wisdom, power and understanding. The Living Bible paraphrased “a hardened heart” or a “dull heart” as heart with fat. Many because of the fatness of their hearts, live in constant discouragement and defeat. They seek healing and breakthrough but found none. But to address the problem of a fat heart requires us to address the acts, decisions of stubbornness and rebelliousness that led to this heart problem. Once we repent from these past acts and decisions, accumulated over time, we then open our lives to the restoring and healing grace of God in every area of our lives.

A heart patient needs to watch his diet and be discipline about staying away from foods that would harm his health in order to be healed. So we must also watch what we feed our spirits and shun evils, if we want to receive healing and breakthrough. If we want to restore our lives to the perfect will of God, we must choose to see God’s truth, hear God’s voice and understand His revelation of Himself and His will.

Remove the fat from your heart, you will have a healthy heart!


Repent of any acts, decisions in the past which were made out of pride, stubbornness and rebelliousness. Seek God’s mercy and grace for healing and restoration.